Our Programs


wonder & adventure

Every childhood should be full of both and our programs ensure everyone dreams big and reaches for the stars!


In our infant rooms we will support relationship-based play and discovery. TLG nurtures warm and caring emotional connections with our infants; building trust and security. We support play opportunities that invite infants to engage, explore and discover their environment through everyday routines.


TLG invites caring relationships with our toddlers; helping them express their feelings. Toddlers engage in sensory rich play that invites them to explore their imaginations through art and drama while investigating their world and problem solving new challenges.


The Learning Garden's preschool program focuses on the entire child and their individual journey through emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. In this program, children play and learn through literacy, math, science and social tools along with music, movement & art. Curriculum encourages creativity through critical thinking and artistic expression in both individual and group settings. Our preschoolers work on reading & writing, counting & number concepts, reasoning & logic, music, rhythm, dance & movement all while exploring how those things fit into the world around them. Daily activities and projects integrate 2-3 skills from the domains of learning and aligns with the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines for ages 3-5. And most certainly, everyday is full of play and exploration both indoors and out.


Our Pre-K program is designed for children who will be taking the steps towards kindergarten the following fall. As such, our classroom and curriculum reflect their advancing skills and challenge them to ensure preparation for their upcoming adventure. Our professional staff will serve as their mentor and guide in that preparation with meaningful lesson plans that build on their blossoming academic prowess while continuing to develop important social and emotional skills needed for the transition to kindergarten. Daily activities and projects integrate 2-3 skills from the domains of learning and aligns with the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines for ages 3-5. And, yes, everyday is still full of wonder, play and amazement both indoors and out.

Why The Learning Garden

Just like our curriculum designer, Creative Curriculum, we believe everything we do everyday can inspire children to become the authors of their own unique learning stories.

By walking hand in hand with children, we can all learn and grow together.

What You Get

The Learning Garden programs reflect the research-based understanding that play is essential to children’s health and well-being, and foundational to children’s learning. TLG supports children in creating their own knowledge through hands-on experiences and child-initiated play. Teachers nurture children, providing encouragement, protection, security, stimulation, and supervision.